Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow

Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow

Domodedovo is the largest airport in Russia and the former famous USSR in terms of passengers and cargo traffic. It is estimate that close to thirty million passengers uses the airport every year. The airport is located in the town of Domodedovo in Moscow.

History of the airport

The services from the airport began in March 1964 with the famous flight to Sverdlovsk using the unique Tupelov 104. The airport which many envisioned to handle the growth of long distance domestic traffic in the famous soviet union was officially opened on march and a second runway which is parallel to the one that was put in service nearly 18 months after opening the famous airport.


Domodedovo International Airport Terminal

The famous Domodedovo terminal has one terminal building which comprises two separate concourses for both domestic a international flights. It has 22 jet ways altogether. A new concourse extension which is adjacent to the current terminal building is under construction. When completed the second segment of a new passenger terminal will be twice the size of the terminal 5 of the London Heathrow which is equivalent to 61 football fields. The terminal was designed by the British company known as the RMJM and applied the under ion roof system which practically means that passengers form all flights will actually be serviced within one singe terminal.

The ground transportation

Paveletsky Rail Terminal

The famous airport has a railway station with service to the famous Paveletsky Rail Terminal in the central Moscow. The unique Rail connection is provided by nonstop aero express trains as well as the regular suburban commuter train. The airport has some several long and short term parking lots. The famous terminal itself can be accessed form the junction of Moscow ring roan and the famous Kashirskoye highway via the designated 14 mile long four lane freeway. Moscow airport taxis are a fine choice for ensuring your timely pickup from the airport.

Why you should visit the airport                                                           

The airport is one of the best in the world since it has excellent customer service and duty free shops where on can do his shopping as he waits for the plane to board. The unique transport network that the airport has makes it a very important hub in the economy of Russia.


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